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We know writing guest post is not an easy task. Many times it get approved whereas many times rejected. At BlogSynthesis we have only one motive to accept Guest Post. i.e. We want to flow our visitors to your blog not the pagerank or SEO juice. This means we are only looking for high quality posts. So, the credit to your site may be nofollowed link.

The second and last thing is, We will never participate or promote link exchange or paid link building service. If your post smells like paid one, we are sorry in advance for not approving, even not reply your mail (It’s so rude. Isn’t it?).

What we expect from Guest Post and Author:

  1. We are looking for some good article about WordPress, WP Themes and Plugins, Blogging Tips.
  2. An indepth article is essential.
  3. You should must be a blogger and have active blog and social profiles. (If you share a blog url and never contributed there. Think again)
  4. There is no word limit for a good blog post if it fits all the conditions.
  5. Don’t write an article and give credit backlink to Sony, Panasonic, medicines and such thing. It really not works here.

If you have any post/question mail us at anand (at) blogsynthesis.com. but do not ask for Guest post opportunity. because it feels roboted email. We never reply such email.

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Page updated: July  26 , 2013