How to Transfer YouTube Channel to another Google Account in 4 easy steps.

Transferring a YouTube channel was not possible after 2009. But now we can easily transfer YouTube channel to another Google Account. This is now possible with a new Google+ Page and YouTube feature. Now in a Google account we can have more than one account and a Google+ page can have multiple Managers. And this trick is based on the combination of these two features.

Yet, Transferring YouTube account is not official but yes we can do this. It’s a great news for users having multiple YouTube channels. Now they will not have to maintain multiple Google Accounts just for YouTube channel or any specific Google Products.

Lets get started and discuss how to transfer a YouTube channel to another account or even change the ownership of a YouTube Channel.

Transfer YouTube Channel to another Google Account

Step 1: Go to YouTube Advanced Setting page of your Channel (which you want to transfer). Here you will find a new button titled “Connect with a Google+ Page”. Click on the button. A new window will appear asking to keep username or choose a better one.

Choose the first option to “keep your username”, accept the terms and condition and click “next”. Don’t worry if you get an error page but check if a new Google+ page has been created.

Step 2:  Now go to the newly created Google Plus page and Add a new Manager. Invite a manager by sending email. (This user will be your new YouTube channel owner at the end of the tutorial)

Step 3: At this step you or the new manager will need to verify his email id and accept invitation to be a manager. Just check email and click on “Be a Manager” button.

Step 4: Now go to Google plus page and change the privilege from “Manager” to “Owner”. You will find this page on “Managers” Tab. Also, there might be a 2 week wait time to complete the step four. If you find such message then come after 14 days and transfer the ownership of the YouTube channel.

Tested on NetRival YouTube channel. At that time there was no 14 days wait time. After a few hours when I tried to move BlogSynthesis youtube channel, it was there.

Additional tips after transferring YouTube channel:

1. If you transfer the ownership then the old Google Account user will become a manager at YouTube and the Google+ page. To completely remove accessing youtube dashboard remove ask the new owner (or yourself) to remove old account from manager. If you will do so, Old account will be completely removed from the youtube channel.

2. If you already have a Google Plus page, then youtube channel can be transferred in reverse order of the tutorial. i.e.

  • Go to Google+ settings page and invite a manager (YouTube account holder email).
  • After accepting invitation the youtube account holder will be able to link YouTube channel and Google+ page.
  • After successful linking remove the manager from Google+ Page. (Following this reverse tutorial I transferred BlogSynthesis YouTube channel)

3. Be careful while inviting a manager to Google+ page.

If you got any problem then leave a comment here or on video tutorial at youtube. Don’t forget to share on twitter,Google+ or Facebook. if you liked the tutorial.

Alternate way:

There is a possibility to some changes in the process as many of you have reported on the video comment or here on the blog. Well, as i said earlier, Google do not allow to transfer youtube channel officially but there is a loophole. That’s why the above guide and video worked. Due to the changes it might be possible that the above guide is not working for you.

However there is an alternate way to transfer the youtube channel: If you are forced to create a Google+ page with your youtube account. Then go ahead and create one. (For some people Google has already created one.) After sometime (or instantly) you will be able to add a manager or administrator to the Google+ page. Don’t forget here we are talking about the page, not the channel.

Also, Many people asked me about the video, subscribers and stats? Will everything be lost? The answer is “NO”. There will be no changes in your videos, stats or subscriber. I will be completely safe with the youtube channel.

And yes, This trick will work until Google patches the hole. So it will be better to hurry.

By Anand Kumar

I am the person behind this site.


  1. I did all this and it didn’t work. The page and youtube channel are connected but the email address is still the old one. I have to go to the old email address to get to the youtube channel or page but the emails go to the new email address. Still just a whole bunch of crap based on them forcing full google accounts and not letting us choose what we want to link to what. Ugh.

  2. Hi, my friend created a you tube account in 2008 to post some videos for me, and she said that when the merger occurred she was forced to make her gmail address the You Tube email address, but now I want ownership of the you tube channel, and do not want to loose the history of view etc. Is there a way to de-link the you tube account from her email address and link it to my gmail email address and not loose any history on the channel?

  3. I followed these steps to transfer ownership of a YouTube channel to a different account. I made the account I want to be owner a manager. The option to make it the owner did not appear so I waited 17 days and the option to make this account the owner is still not an option. What can I do?

      1. actually I take that back, it’s there now!!
        Got confused…
        make sure you’re logged into your old account and go to managers.

  4. Hi My friend.
    Is there a way to put my youtube videos inside my personal profile?
    I don’t want to use it as a “Page”.

  5. Will doing this cause the videos to start over from 0 views? I need to transfer a few videos from a personal google/YouTube account to a google+ YouTube page, without loosing views. Will your method accomplish this?

    1. Jenna: did you find a way? That is exactly what I need as well. I’ve been following all the steps above and now need to wait two weeks. But I have the feeling that my “personal” YT videos will not yet be transferred to the correct “organisational” gmail/G+ account.

  6. i ”accidentally” transfered my you tube channel(which was a hotmail account) to a google + account , and now all the new uploads of the channel to which i have subscribed to , appear on the google + account , which is very innappropiate for me as in this way i have to manage 2 accounts for checking my emails ;i.e; google + account and hotmail account – now if i delete my google + account , my you tube channel will get deleted which i do not want to happen . Is there any way i can get all the mails to my previous ORIGINAL hotmail account and not in google + account ?

    please , email me for any answer at :

    [email protected]

  7. . I have 2 G+ page accounts assigned to a new YT Channel and I only want one (they both even have the same name). I 1st Created a G+ page and then created the YT channel and I’m afraid it created a new G+ page to match it….even though I thought I assigned it to the already created G+ page. So how can I delete one of the G+ Pages when they both say I can’t delete because they’re already linked to a YT Channel? Also, only one G+ page shows the video – not both? Thanks

  8. hi!
    thanks i did all the steps and transferred ownership to new google account
    now can i delete my old google account ???…
    will it delete my youtube channel???

  9. I’m not seeing the “Connect with a Google+ Page” as an option in my advanced settings. The problem is, my company YouTube channel is linked with an unused G+ account (the only reason I think it exists is because it has the same name as the YouTube channel so we were forced to create it a long time ago), and we want to change the linked G+ to our actual company G+ page…which has a DIFFERENT username. Any thoughts here? I literally can’t see any option in the YouTube settings to do anything here..

    1. The button to “Connect channel with google+” does not show in my “advanced settings”.

      It just shows :

      Account information

      Youtube user id
      Youtube channel id

      Authorized sites to your google account
      Sign out of all Youtube sessions

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  11. It was good-except there is no option to change from manager to owner. Will this option appear?

  12. I think this may still work.

    I went through the associated Google+ page and added a manager (a user from my company’s Google Apps account). When I click on the newly added manager, I can see the dropdown to “Change owner” to the new user. When I click on it, though, I get the notifcation about ‘two weeks’.

    So, I’ll check back in two weeks and see if it actually lets me change the owner when I hit the button.


    1. Confirmed.

      As of 5/16/14, there was a dropdown menu for re-assigning ownership. I had to wait two weeks. But it appears to be working fine so far.


  13. I can’t see a change ownership drop down at all and it has been more than 2 weeks since I added a manager. Managing it is good but wanted to clean up my multiple page entries into one.

  14. I think they patched this 🙁 I transferred ownership of the Google + page but the youtube page is still on the other email account.

    1. Transferring YouTube channel is still possible but the steps are different now. Although the concept is still same.

      Link YouTube to a Google+ channel >> Add a new Google Plus PAGE Admin >> Remove the OLD admin from Google+ page. Isn’t that works for you?

      1. is this way of transfer channel could remove youtube partner?
        because I want to cancel my youtube partnership and never success


  15. I do not think this works anymore – at least my Google+ page doesn’t have the above, is different, and I cannot find where to invite a manager, the above instructions I cannot follow — I am trying to transfer my YouTube channel to a different owner, someone who bought my website.

    Was hoping this would work but maybe not anymore. If you can advise, would hugely appreciate it.

  16. Thanks for this information 🙂

    I’ve wanted to transfer my youtube account off an old account I never used except for YT onto the google account I use for everything else for a while. I have to wait two weeks to make my main account the owner but I’ll finally be able to stop using that old account.

  17. Hi.

    When I go to ‘settings’, I do not have the ‘managers’ tab. All that comes up is ‘settings’ and ‘audience’. I have been through both of these, and neither mention managers.

    Can you please help me with this?’
    I appreciate your time.
    Thank you,

  18. I’m not seeing the “Connect with a Google+ Page” as an option in my advanced settings.
    The button to “Connect channel with google+” does not show in my “advanced settings”.

    It just shows :

    Account information

    Youtube user id
    Youtube channel id

    Authorized sites to your google account
    Sign out of all Youtube sessions.

    How we change google + page.

  19. Hi! thanks for the vidoe. l have a question.

    1. One Google ID, if i have a YouTube channel ‘A’ and ‘B’
    ‘B’ channel transfer ownership of ‘A’ channel?
    the transfer of ownership is only possible with the Google ID?
    channel-to-channel transfer of ownership is not?
    2. When a transfer of ownership, Want to know what changes.
    my playlist, subscriptions information is maintained?
    and only the subscribers, video transfer?

    Please give a good answer.

  20. Okay…

    I have my main gmail account, and I created a hotel’s page, merged it with maps, places, local, etc.

    The hotel also has a youtube account for 8 years or so. When G+ was being born, they auto-generated a Google Plus account based on that hotel Youtube account.

    Now I have a G+ profile connected to YT, but I need that YT to be connected to the “real” hotel page under my main account.

    I am not finding a way to transfer this, anymore, or unhook the YT account from the autogenerated G+ hotel account.

    Hope that is simple? Is there a way to transfer the original YT account to the main hotel plus/local/places/map page?

    1. Hey Michael, In your case you will need to submit MANUAL REQUEST to Google Team. They will do it for you. To submit request visit:

      According to official doc:

      If you connected your channel to Google+ over 14 days ago, but want to connect it to a different Google+ page or profile, try submitting the form via the link below. We’ll help you get your channel connected to the right page or profile.

      AND don’t forget to share your experience with me ([email protected]) or commenting below. HTH

  21. Step 4: Now go to Google plus page and change the privilege from “Manager” to “Owner”.

    This step is not clear. It should be “Go to the Google plus page FROM THE OWNER’S ACCOUNT and change the privilege from Manager to Owner.”

    If you go to the Google plus page as the new manager, the option to change the privilege will NOT be there.

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