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Copyright Policy:

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  • Nothing is allowed to republish/reuse/adapt the content (of this site) on any Adult/Illegal/Porn Sites.
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  • If a media personnel wants to use/adapt the work, They are requested to ask for permission, In most case we allow without accepting money. But credit to the post author and site is expected.

In any other condition you must write to us and ask for permission (in written).

Comment Policy:

Please provide some healthy comments over posts and other things. You are not allowed to spam in any way. BlogSynthesis.com is powered by some great spam protection solutions, So we can’t guarantee that your each comment will be published.

If the link  attached  to the comment will get error for 7 consecutive days or more, We have right to remove the link.

For Advertisers:

Most of the advertisements placed here is powered by some other companies and which are  automatically  published but we try to keep it  relevant  and family friendly. However If you wish to buy some ad space here, your provided link should not targets to a site containing adult/porn/pharma products or Cracks/Hacks or any type of illegal contents. We have rights to reject any such ads at any time without returning your payments. For details of available Ad Space and price  Visit Here.

For contributors:

If your account will be active for 90 days (or 30 days in some cases) from the day of sign up and you have not posted any blog-post your account may be deleted. So sign up only when if you want to contribute. This criteria is restricted to those who have not made any published post and it is to  minimize  spam account.


All claims will be entertained under Patna (India) jurisdiction only.

In short:

  1. This Site is Family Friendly and help us to keep it so..
  2. All articles are free for reading and sharing on social media, under fair usage..
  3. Feel free to contact us on any query, suggestion or Question..
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Updated: December 20, 2014

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