WordPress Plugins

Here is a list of my publicly available plugins. All of them are free and most of them are available from Official WordPress Plugin respiratory. If you have installed any of our plugin then first of thanks for using it. I will be happy to help you with your query at BlogSynthesis Forums. We will discuss all about themes and plugins I made, there.

List of the plugins:

  1. jQuery Smooth Scroll (adds smooth jump and move to top buttons)
  2. Genesis Simple Social Sharebar (it shows official Twitter, Facebook, G+ buttons)
  3. Genesis SimpleĀ SocialĀ  Share (elegant self hosted social media buttons based on sharrre)
  4. Header and Footer Scripts (injects css, js and other tags to wp_head and wp_footer)

If you are interested in my themes then move to Themes section. Again, all support related question should be asked at BlogSynthesis Forums.

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