Google allows responsive AdSense officially.

This could be great news for many bloggers, whose life rely on Google AdSense income. Yes, finally Google allows responsive AdSense. Google AdSense is the most popular online advertising platform. Now, You you can generate responsive ad code in your Google Adsense Dashboard. However, Google AdSense has very strict policy for its publishers. One of… Continue reading Google allows responsive AdSense officially.

How to add “Google Tag Manager” to WordPress sites?

Google offers premium services to Webmasters and Bloggers for free like Google Analytics and Google Feedburner. Recently, Google has launched another revolutionary service called “Google Tag Manager” It will boost the page rendering time and increase Page-Speed score. In the tutorial, we will discuss how to add Google Tag Manager to WordPress. But First of… Continue reading How to add “Google Tag Manager” to WordPress sites?

Introducing BlogSynthesis!

BlogSynthesis Blog introduction: BlogSynthesis will be one stop blog about blogging and Internet Marketing. Our motive is to provide best article about blogging and Internet marketing and ultimately you will be able to earn more money online. This blog is re-innovated Well, The very first published post on was made on Vasant Panchami (or also called Sarasvati… Continue reading Introducing BlogSynthesis!