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Hello all, thanks again for visiting the blog and your interest in my story, which is quite boring. This post is about computer, internet, blogging and me.

My story: Not a blogger these days!

When I was in school I saw my computer first time in my life. That was probably 1999. My school had two desktop PC with Pentium 3 processor, loaded with windows 95 or 98. I was probably of of the most loved student of my computer teacher not because of intelligence (I’m not) but for my interest in technology. I just learnt some DOS command and some basics of computer. Since that was not a part of formal school studies, so computer classes discontinued.

In 2002, I became aware about the word “Internet”. It was an interesting thing for me. Cyber cafe was new in my area, however the internet speed at cafe was too slow and I remembered the owner cum instructor was the first teacher who taught me about internet. And yes, Google was also the most important site that time. I paid Rs. 250 to the cyber cafe owner to teach me about internet. The package was nothing but 10-11 hrs internet surfing with some assistance. At that time the charge of the cybercafe was Rs. 25/hr. But it raised to Rs. 30/hr if their was a power failure and the cafe runs on generator.

He created an email Id on sify for me. Because of the easy signup. But later (in a few days) I moved to and created [email protected] However I had no one who would send me mails but was very happy after creating my email id. Hmm, isn’t it silly. It brings me more close to computers and internet. After that I become a addict net surfer and in few months the cyber cafe instructor needed my help in searching some specific terms. These time spent on cybercafe boosted me to learn computers. This is why in 2004 I opted CSE as my trade in B.Tech.

In 2005 i bought my first computer which is (yes, still IS) HCL BeanStak and for a middle class family Rs. 43,000 was not less money. I have connected my PC to internet with Relicance LG RD3000 which was best at that time. But not enough for regular internet surfing. I had a computer, an internet connection and was college going student, the perfect match to be a blogger.

My Story as a blogger:

In the starting of my early blogging life, I was more concern about forums instead of blogging. My first purchased domain was which was purchased from Google Apps. Before that domain I had a few domains which were free. I have still one which has Google Apps with 2000 free users (2000 isn’t a small number?). During this period I learnt the basics of adsense and signed up for that. AnandInfoline was my testing site and due to some Google Gadgets I was getting traffic to that site and making some money. In the first month I earned $35.31 and for me that was more than thousand rupee because it was in Dollars.

Later, I became a fan of Digital Inspiration and Problogger blog. I still do not miss any single topic of these two blogs. After having a custom domain blogger site, I bought my first webhosting which was on, yes, too cheap and worst too. This caused the first failure of my blogging life. then I reverted back to some more domain on

Yes, Blogger was limiting me but was making enough money to survive in this world (Still just surviving, 😉 ). In the last of 2010 I decided to a wordpress blog with some good hosting and fresh mind and it worked. The policy was simple “Different niche, on the behalf of different people, different way of earning”. Like I own some site, some by my brother and I am working for most of them. It makes me less authoritive but helps to play a balanced and safe game. Specially after Panda and new Google Algorithms.

Last year, I started which helped me a lot to run actually WordPress hosted blogs. I did know serious stuffs about self hosted blogs before My one of the most bad habit is stability and fluency. Even I know the importance of these factors in blogging, but many times I failed to create fluency all around the sites.

I believe this boring post will not help you a lot in how to blogging but help to understand about my story and me. This is the second post of and I have just shared my story here I would like to here your’s story. Leave here by commenting or sharing on twitter. My twitter handle is @BlogSynthesis.

Thanks for reading my story,

Anand Kumar

By Anand Kumar

I am the person behind this site.

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  1. I read the readme.txt file and was wondering if you ever wrote the article on How to add the functionality of the smooth scroll without the plugin. If so, could you please send me the link? I looked on blogsynthesis but I couldn’t find any such article…Thank you for your time…

    Also, which file do I edit to move the icon up and down?

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