Microsoft Outlook Custom Domain Troubleshooting Guide

Some time ago I shared how to setup Microsoft Custom domain as Google Apps alternative. The post got quite good response, And many people like you loved that article. But then I found many people are either unable to receive emails in the newly created outlook hosted email accounts or unable to configure Outlook Application. In the post I will cover some of the basic problems and try to resolve them. However, If you still got problems don’t forget to ask questions here or in Microsoft Forum (Yes, Microsoft employees will help there. It’s awesome isn’t it!) Let’s start with some quick Questions. outlook-custom-domain-troubleshoot

Outlook Custom Domain Troubleshooting:

Q. My Account is not getting verified? A. If you have recently modified DNS records then wait for some time (up to 48 hrs). Check your DNS record propagation at Don’t forget is different from Q. I have verified my account but still unable to receive mail? A. This is the most common problem with account setup at Outlook Custom domain. Check the following points:

  1. Have you setup the MX record correctly at your domain registrar?
  2. For mail setup MX record having  <____something____> is essential.
  3. The MX record should have highest priority.
  4. Also add Server Trust TXT record, If your mail is trapped by spam filters.
  5. If some of your mail is getting bounced or not received increase the TTL to 14400 (one day)
  6. It is also possible that your domain name server is filtering some kind of traffic like DynDNS does.

Q. May I setup Outlook 2013 (or older),  Mozilla Thunderbird or other email clients to retrieve mails offline? A. Yes, This is possible. If you have Outlook Application then check this else try the following settings:

  • Incoming (POP3) Server
    • Server address:
    • Port: 995
    • SSL Encryption: Yes
  • Outgoing (SMTP) Server
    • Server address:
    • Port: 25 (or 587 if 25 is blocked)
    • Authentication: Yes
    • TLS or SSL Secure Encrypted Connection: Yes
  • User name: Your email address
  • Password: Your password
  • If you don’t want email to be deleted from your inbox after it’s downloaded to your email app, select the Leave a copy of messages on the server option.

Please note: Outlook do not support IMAP

Q. Will Outlook custom domains users expire due to non use?
A. Your account will be marked inactive if you do not login to your account/s for consecutive 270 days. In such case all email and data will be permanently deleted. If you use your account using POP3 or SMTP your account will be considered as an active account, So, there is no need to sign in using web.

Q. Why I am able to get only 50 accounts instead of 500 accounts?
A. Sometime ago Microsoft have reduced the number accounts from 500 to 50. But you can ask for more accounts at

Q. How do I allow anyone on the web to sign up an account (or get email in my domain)?
A. Surprisingly, this is very easy with Microsoft Outlook Custom domain. Simply visit your dashboard and navigate to
Your domain > Open Membership > Setting
and turn Open Membership on. Don’t forget to create sign up module there.

Q. May I get address like like Google Apps?
A. Yes, This possible by visiting Custom Address under Domain setting.

Q. I have some other problem. Will Microsoft help me to resolve my problem.
A. Of Course Microsoft have dedicated employees who reply almost any type of problem related to their services and product. I strongly recommend to ask for help in the support forum. If you have any problem with DNS setup, just ask here or by commenting. Your suggestions and comments are important to us don’t hesitate to share. Help us to grow this FAQs. Just ask a question about Outlook Custom Domain problems by filling the contact form.

By Anand Kumar

I am the person behind this site.


  1. i made 2 email accounts for my website in hotmail

    with this link

    my problem that i want open these emails in the outlook

    but i dont know the incoming server and the smtp

    i tried hotmail settings ,, but it doesn’t work !!

  2. It is truly a nice and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Techies

    Its All Good, but after creating email Accounts why they are not activated by default.
    Also there is no password reset option except suspend and delete.

    Anyone giving some light on this is appreciated.

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