How to Increase Conversions from Your Guest Post Traffic

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This is a tricky little concept because guest post content is not exactly your best friend. You have to convince the blog owner to agree to post the guest post, and if you are just going to fill the post with a bunch of content that draws people to your blog then they are hardly likely to post it on their blog. They want people to enjoy your guest blog post and then move onto another one of their articles. They do not want their viewers following your link and leaving their blog post. Here is how you can attract people to your blog and have them become your loyal readers, all from your guest posts.

Target the blogs that are already very similar to yours

They are already attracting your target audience, so they should already have at least a vague interest in your blog’s content. You need to do some serious research into where your target audience are already going. You need to find the blogs that they attend and you need to guest post on those blogs.

Better still, you need to find the blogs that attract your target audience, but that lack the things that you do not. The ideal blogs are the ones that have weaknesses in areas where you are strong. These are the blogs where your guest posts will convert a lot of their readers into your readers.

Be personal and make a connection with people

This is no time to start writing as if you are a faceless corporation. This is the time to show your true colors and show that there is a person behind the guest blog post. People are used to reading the generic slop that comes with blogs, so if you want to stand out from the blog owner or the other guest bloggers then you need personality and a barrel full of charm.

Try to write a blog post that will stand out from all the others. Make it so that people could talk about your post if they were stuck in an elevator. Create a gripping title and come up with a topic that people will remember.

Make two passive references to your blog in the guest post

Do not overly promote your blog in the guest post because the blog owner will pick up on it and will probably not accept your post. Just be a little bit sneaky and passive with your mentions. For example, say something such as, “As I mentioned in my blogs’s November post…” The people who read your guest post word for word may be more inclined to follow the link at the bottom of the post if you reference it slightly in your guest post.

Pick a topic that is going to excite or engage with the audience

Topic selection may be the key to your success here, and this means you are going to have to be very creative or very intuitive. You have to be creative in order to think of something that nobody else has, and you will have to be intuitive to figure out what people are going to be searching for at the time when your blog post is uploaded.

Add your blog’s logo or your ugly mug to the guest post

How else are they going to recognize your work from the rest of the guest posts and bloggers in the world? If you are guest posting then it is a good idea to start building a brand. You can use a logo as your ambassador, but there is nothing stopping you from using your own picture. Lots of writers do it.

Add a bio section and sell, sell, sell your blog

If the blog owner allows you to add a bio section then you should be unashamed promotional of yourself and your blog. You should make it clear to the world that your world is so good that virgin women become pregnant at the sight of it.

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