How to Blog – An Ultimate Series for Absolute Beginner

Hello all fellow bloggers and absolute beginners,

Today, I am going to start an ultimate series about “How to Blog”. This series will not only be good for absolute beginners but also for advanced user. I will put all my effort in creating this series and hope it will be completed by April 2014.

Let’s take an overview on the articles we have planned to include in the series:

  • Blog Basics
    • Definition of Weblog or Blog.
    • Scope in blogging!
    • Who should blog?
    • What to blog?
    • Requirements of blogging.
    • Why design matters
    • What is web hosting
    • What is a Domain Name
  • Engaging yourself
    • Choosing a Domain Name
    • Choosing a Webhost
    • Installing your blog software or
    • Creating a free hosted blog
    • Fundamentals of¬†WYSIWYG editor
  • Going live
    • Drafting your first Article
    • Posting your first article
    • Publicize your articles
    • Spread your words on social media
    • An overview to comments on blogging world.
    • How to fight spam comments
  • Blog Security – Protecting your blog
    • Why security matters
    • An ultimate guide to secure your wordpress blog
  • WordPress Blogging:
    • What is WordPress,
    • Why WordPress is Free
    • The concept of open source
    • What are Free And Open Source softwares aka FOSS
    • The concept of WordPress Plugin
    • WordPress Security
    • WordPress Themes
  • Beyond the Basics:
    • What is RSS feed and What is RSS subscription
    • Sending custom newsletter
    • Be a part of blogging community
    • Create your own community
    • Personal Branding
    • Meet some of the most popular bloggers
    • Blogging community meets in real world

Yep, this list may be changes for awesomeness. If you have suggestions then please share with me by tweeting @BlogSynthesis or @_Anand_Kumar or filling the contact form. I will be waiting for your suggestions and comments.


Anand Kumar

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