How to blog: 5 most asked questions by newbies!

5 most asked questions

5 most asked questionsNow a days, Social media is one of the essential part of our life and thus blogging. It is one of the best place to share our views and opinion and now evolving as citizen journalism also . And not only this but blogging is also an effective way to make money online.

Here, We are a series of posts about “How to blog: Blogging tips for begineers“. These blogging tips will not only help you to make your blog better but also help you to understand how you can make money via blogging.

In this post we will discuss top 5 most asked questions by newbies, before signing up an account at sites like and

1. I want to start blogging, which platform I should choose?

Answer: If you don’t know anything about blogging then consider signing up or Both are good and have their own merits. You may google “WordPress vs Blogger” and find the difference between both. WordPress is good in terms of anti-spam, design, customization but the do not allow third party integration however they have plenty of good apps and features. On the other hand, blogger is good since they allow 3rd party application using javascript. So, you can easily monetize blogger based blogs, whereas WordPress do not allow javascript but they have their own advertising system which is recently launched.

2. What username or url I should choose for my blog?

Answer: Your blog url is your site’s identity which is not recommended to change after a few time. So, you should choose it carefully. Well, depending on the nature of your blog consider using some keyword rich url. It will provide you some free SEO without any extra effort. But don’t choose a really long url since it will be hard to remember.

3. What about custom domain, like

Answer: It will be really good to start your blog with your own domain name. However it costs a few dollars but surely it is worth to invest unless you want just a personal blog or trying to have online fun with your blog.

If you are serious about blogging consider to buy a domain name. It is easy to grab.

4. What about self hosted WordPress?

Answer: Self hosted wordpress is the best choice among any other option. If you can manage your WordPress or have someone who can do this for you (either free or paid) then you will have no better option than this. However you may ask some professional to manage your blog. It will be slightly costlier but provide you huge benefit. WordPress hosting starts from a few dollars per month and you can hire professional on hourly basis. On the same time, If you are interested in learning all the stuffs then their is a lot of online resources available.

5. If self hosted is best option then why you suggested or

Answer: Of course we can’t compare or with self hosted WordPress! But as I mentioned above we will need some good knowledge about the stuffs which could be technical or if you have any professional. If you are new to blogging like thing then probably you will feel comfortable with or This is why I suggested them.

It is also true that their will be a time when you will consider choosing self hosted WordPress. Their is slogan for that “Blogging starts from Blogspot and ends continues with WordPress”!

Since this is the first post of the series “How to blog: Blogging tips for begineers I hope it will help how to start your blog. If you have any question, I will be happy to answer them. Please consider sharing them. Thanks for your visit. Don’t forget to follow @BlogSynthesis on twitter for best blogging tips.

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