HostGator Review: My ongoing experience with HostGator

Why I recommend HostGator:

I have been using HostGator since a long time, since 11/25/2011. Earlier my blog was hosted on DreamHost. Since, the blog was growing rapidly and getting frequent downtimes, it was good to try some other option. Rather than upgrading to a VPS i decided to move to HostGator. This is not just another hostgator review since you may find a lot on the web. This is about what i felt about HostGator. This is about my experience with HostGator.

None can be better than Black Friday for purchasing. Yes, That was Black Friday and I managed to buy a baby plan (shared hosting) at a huge 50% off. I got verified Soon after purchasing.

In a few days, I moved NetRival to HostGator. I don’t shy to say that I am another happy customer. You may check the uptime of NetRival. Got Satisfied with the proof!!

Why HostGator sucks?

Really? No HostGator do not sucks (except one big reason and that is adult site hosting) or even many other top web hosting do not sucks. In most of the case, It’s our fault and we blame our web host.

Let me explain the facts:

  • Due to misconfiguration in .htaccess and other script error.
    I was too surprised to see that how a 404 error (missing file) can give you so much trouble. In one of my popular post I added a link to missing file and posted it. It was really bad to see the low
  • We expect more than we pay for.
    You should not consider HostGator shared hosting for running heavy forum or blog. Yes, In a few dollars a month you should not expect a million of visitors to your shared hosting account.
  • Do not worry about Themes and plugins.
    Another reason why HostGator shared hosting fails to fulfil your expectation is misconfigured Plugin or Theme. In many case I have seen that people do not worry about themes and plugins and blame web hosting service for slow or leggy server. It’s not good. e.g. W3TC works well for VPS and Dedicated servers and SuperCache and Hyper Cache are best performer for Shared hosting. Don’t blame any of the two for slow server (either W3TC or HostGator) they are not made for each other.
  • Do not check error_log and cPanel server usages graph.
    Why the hell, you don’t take burden to check server logs and resources. As far as I know HostGator shared hosting gives you up to 25% of CPU, which is really high. Check server logs and server usages graph to make a rough idea about your slow shared hosting experience.
  • Do not add CDN or setup proxy server.
    If your getting popular or richer why not you expend some money in CDN or CloudFlare like service. I am using CDN and for some Site Google PageSpeed Service (PSS). It will not only keep your server usages low but also boost your site speed drastically.

These are a few reasons why hostgator (literally any shared web hosting) does not sucks. Oh, I forget another big reason. And that is..

  • HostGator Affiliate program:
    Affiliate earning is one of the major factor in reviews. Since, HostGator affiliate sucks for many blogger or they do not make a lot of money compared to other sites, They started hating their affiliate program and thus the Awesome Web Hosting service.

Reasons to choose HostGator:

Well, I will not say there are ten or twenty reasons for choosing HostGator. But here are some of the fact I love about HostGator:

  • Very affordable shared hosting.
  • Reasonable amount of server resources
  • 8 to 32 core servers.
  • Best uptime I experienced. The proof is already public
  • Can easily handle 35000 visitors a day (In my experience, I got 1120 simultaneous visitors without any glitch or warning)
  • Better support (I rarely needed)
  • 45 days money back guarantee.

Reasons NOT to choose HostGator:

  • The allow Adult and Porn Hosting as per Texas laws.
  • Many bloggers publicly speak that they cheat their affiliates.

This HostGator Review is not about affiliate income?

I have seen many people around me are getting saying hostgator shared hosting sucks. This thing forced me to write this article. I have not included any affiliate link in the post till now, to make one statement clear. HostGator do not suck. This HostGator review is not about making money but bringing my experience (and some truth) about HG.

Of course there might be some people are not satisfied with some service, and HostGator might be one. But I am sure one thing. HostGator shared hosting is one of the best shared hosting in the world. (As far as I experienced 😉 ) And most of its user love it.

Now the silly selly thing:

If you liked the article or have any question please leave a message in my inbox. If you want to sign up HostGator you may use my affiliate link (Don’t forget to use the coupon code “BlogSynthesis” to get 25% off on your first bill or “BlogSynthesis1Penny” for $9.94 off).

If you already signed up and have some problem with WordPress. You may ask me for a solution. If possible, I will definitely try to help you.

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