Top 7 email hosting solutions for domains

There was a time of Google Apps who offered free custom domain email hosting solution for sites and blogs. Day by day, the things got weird. Starting from 2000 free users in Google Apps, it gradually decreased to 10 free accounts. But now, Google no longer offer the free version of Google Apps and Microsoft outlook for custom domain has reduced the number of users from 500 to 50. However, there is something good inside MS outlook service. You may ask their team to increase the free quota.

Here is the list of top email hosting solutions.

Email hosting providers

Top free email hosting solutions:

1. Zoho mail

Zoho is known for its CRM service and online document and forms. Zoho is well-recognized in corporate sector. It offers 5 free custom domain email hosting and no credit card needed to sign up. I like the interface but not that much as Gmail and Outlook.

The best thing about Zoho mail is NO ad anywhere. Yes, there will be no ads anywhere in or outside email and dashboard. Perfect solution though. I have not tested the anti-spam capability.

Pros of Zoho mail

  1. No ads
  2. App like dashboard
  3. 20 Free accounts

2. Yandex Mail for Domains:

Russian most popular portal also offers email hosting for domains. It’s server is quite reliable in terms of uptime and features of the dashboard. Currently they offers 1000 free email accounts for your domain. The signup process is easy but available only in Russian. However, Chrome’s translations will be good option while this process.


  1. Free 1000 email accounts
  2. Reliable server
  3. 10 GB free cloud storage for all your accounts.

  1. Sign up Process is only available in Russian.

3. You Web host

Many of you are unaware that you may host your email at any web host like HostGator, Dreamhost etc. All of them are free and integrated in their dashboard. Just go to you Web Hosting Dashboard and find email or web mail link there. This is completely free and enabled in almost all types of shared hosting and VPS.


  1. Free if you have web hosting
  2. Full html support
  3. No Ads


  1. No spam filter
  2. Less secure
  3. Your mails could fall into spam folder

Top paid email hosting solutions:

4. Microsoft Outlook for domains:

This is no longer a free option. You will need to subscribe Office365 which is not a free service.

Yep, all knows the Outlook for domains will be at top. They offers good service and an elegant dashboard. Unlike Hotmail and Outlook’s interface is decent and user-friendly and yes no crappy rich media ads. Microsoft Outlook for domains allow 50 users at sign up which can be increased further.

The best part of the service is the open registration. You can allow users to sign up for email address within your domain and act like an email service provider.

Pros of Outlook for custom domain:

  1. World class email hosting
  2. Good Anti-spam filter
  3. Virtually unlimited email accounts
  4. Act as Email service provider

Cons of Outlook for custom domain:

  1. Rich media Ads

5. Google Apps

Of course Gmail is the best free mail service. The business upgrade of Gmail will have no ads and 2.5 times more storage than normal Gmail account or Google Apps for free. However the cost is higher than other services but it is worth it. It will cost $5/month/user or if you want a vault then $10/month/user


  1. Best Anti Spam filter
  2. No ads
  3. Multi-level Administrator
  4. A lot more than just email. (Whole bunch of apps like sites, Calendar, Google Drive)
  5. 25GB Email storage


  1. More Costly

6. Yahoo Small Business

Yahoo Mail also do not need any introduction. They also offer a custom domain email hosting at $34.95/year for one account (no setup fee) or $9.95/mo. for 10 accounts (and a $25 setup fee).   The email storage will be unlimited with up to 20MB attachment size.


  1. Reliable service
  2. Unlimited storage
  3. Norton Antivirus
  4. SpamGard Plus


  1. Costlier

7. Rackspace Email hosting:

Rackspace email hosting solution is another reliable and premium email hosting allow users at $2/month. At this price users will get 25 GB storage per mailbox and can attach up to 50MB attachment. Users may also buy email archiving at $3/mailbox.


  1. Cheap
  2. Reliable

  1. Spam filtering could not be as good as Google, Hotmail or Yahoo mail.

It is important that all of the above paid email hosting provide you free POP/IMAP access to retrieve your mail into Outlook Express or Thunderbird or any such software.

If I have missed anything about Email hosting providers; share with use. I will include those in the next update.

By Anand Kumar

I am the person behind this site.


  1. I recently took the plunge: got my own domain, so I could have as many personal email addresses at my own domain as I wanted

    I chose ZOHO to host/serve email for my domain, and have been nothing but delighted with the service/product they provide. Sycing between their IMAP server and my own laptop (I use Mac Mail) is silky smooth, and fast. Their customer service is responsive. Best of all, it’s totally free. (I almost feel guilty about paying nothing for such a great, and ad-free, service.)

    Above all, switching to Zoho allowed me to stop using Gmail. As most probably know by now, the newest Mac OS — Mavericks — essentially broke the native Mac Mail app with regard to Gmail. Most people seem to blame Gmail itself for this, citing Google’s wonky implementation of the IMAP protocol. But regardless of who’s to blame, Mac Mail just doesn’t play well with Gmail.

    But Mac Mail in Mavericks plays beautifully with Zoho. They sync flawlessly. So in addition to having a bunch of my own domained email addresses served through Zoho, I also have Gmail forward all my Gmail mail to my Zoho address as well. This allows me to access all my email — both my own domained email and my Gmail — through my laptop’s Mac Mail app without ever having to deal directly with Gmail’s wonky IMAP servers.

  2. easyDNS works nicely with domain reg and IMAP hosting.. $35.00 a year for reg, DNS and three IMAP accounts.

  3. You have Google Apps as being $50 per user per month, but it’s only $5 per user per month. Minor typo, but drastic effect on reader impression. 😛

  4. has stop their custom domain email service. No worries though if you have been using their service with your own domain. They will still support it for an “indefinite time” as claimed.

    1. Not really! You just can’t buy domain from Zoho if you are opting their free plan. You may buy domain from another registrar like godaddy, namecheap, or another of your choice and setup email hosting at Zoho Mail.

  5. You forget the email service from Rusia, let’s look to
    They allow up to 1000 email for each domain !
    And they also offer cloud service 10GB +
    The cons: register page only in Rusian.. May be you need translator to translate to your languange.

  6. I’m looking for a new email hosting package. I’m a solo user their own domain. What I have now is the ability to forward any email to my domain into 1 single IMAP account that I download from.

    The reason I am searching for a new provider is that my current provider has decided to accept non-compliant email with no valid return domain name — going against the RFC’s that state emails must have a valid return address.

    Today, you can’t usually check for individual users at a domain, but you CAN look up the domain to see if it exists (sendmail will auto-reject email from non-existent domains, according to the RFC’s but more companies are using other, non-compliant solutions).

    Another assumption on my end, is that 1 account = the 1 IMAP account that the emails are funneled into. I don’t want separate accounts for each address @ my domain. I.e. If I send email to [email protected], it will end up in the same IMAP queue on my “MSP”(?Mail Service Provider?) as “[email protected]”. On my end, I have scripts that run on linux that demultiplex names into separate folders in my primary account.

    Basically, I’m just short of running my own sendmail server, but don’t want to have to worry about the reliability of keeping up one or more servers 24/7 to receive email. *Usually*, I have my server setup to download incoming email as it comes in to my MSP (literally, 1 long session in IMAP using IDLE when no mail is available). That keeps my response time low as well as not usually using much space on my MSP (usually email is only stored on their server for a few seconds until it is downloaded).

    The hosting sites mentioned here seem to want to charge by or per-ea. email address @ “my domain”, but I only want 1 account. I’ve had this service for over 15 years now with few issues. It’s only been recently my old MSP was bought up by another, who allows through all sorts of non-standards-conforming email that I won’t even download because I know it is spam.

    I DON’T want them to filter my email by content for spam (I do that on my end), but I do want them to not accept email that doesn’t have a valid, existing domainname.

    Any ideas?

  7. i registered with ZOHO it seemed to be a very nice service until when i tried logging into my account the next day and it responds “Account Inactive”, i dont really know what is really going on, anyone please guide me on what might be wrong please

    1. That just means that zoho thinks your domain is spam, you can contact their customer service and they will activate your account. I had the same problem and my account was activated.

  8. Which one do you think is preferable : hosting email on personal server (assuming we have got one before) or using a free service like Zoho? I’m specially worried about missing sensitive emails using personal server because of problems like downtime , …

    1. You may also do both.

      But you must be a real geek, wanting to spend a lot of time to configure the private server + antispam + antispam again + antispam on more time (easy) and all the adjoint stuff to avoid being marked as SPAM by mail providers when you send a message containing a link (hard, really hard)

      If you are still interested, the instruction is simple:
      1) configure your mail server
      2) register and configure an email hosting plan (zoho? )
      3) put your own server as the MX record with highest priority in your DNS, while keeping a lower priority for the zoho ones.
      4) enjoy… if your server is down (why would it be? 🙂 ), zoho will be used

  9. Hi:

    I thought I ought to share my experience with Zoho.

    Bought my own domain and set Zoho as my mail host.
    Everything working fine on Chrome, Mac Mail (OS X 10.9), iOS 7, Android 4.4, even with two factor ID through Google Authenticator.


    My first major occurred yesterday, when a business partner tried to send me an email with attachments and it bounced.

    I uncovered then that Zoho limits the size of incoming and outgoing to 20MB (!) which can be a problem when dealing with photos and contracts.

    I had to get my partner to send me the email to my personal gmail account, which took it in with no problem at all.

    And obviously, if you want to allow for mails larger than 20MB, you need to pay.

    So, reliable, yes, convenient, yes, free, yes, but with strings attached…
    Bottom line: I’m starting to thing that Google Apps actually delivers quite a lot for the fee, but my search continues.

  10. There is one great service out there…REVLY…full featured, shared calendars and contacts…a help desk and even includes chat and video chat etc…super easy to set up and add users etc. you can even get your own revly server that sets up in 15 minutes…or they have a really affordable hosted solution that comes with 30 GB of storage.

  11. @Anand

    Great article. One thing you missed though… Banckle.Email 🙂

    We offer free custom domain email plans. No Ads, IMAP support, webmail client and access to APIs if you want to build your own email app. It would be great if you tried the product.

  12. Great article and enjoyed the comments. I manage 6 domains and need 2-3 emails from each which is painful. I also need shared calendars for a few of them. I don’t really want multiple accounts. Any suggestions on how to streamline this. Steve

  13. I just tried out ZOHO with my newly created domain name.
    WOW, within 3 minutes, I was able to setup a new FREE account with my new domain name. In 2 minutes, I was able to setup IMAP with my Outlook, in 1 minute, I setup my Android. Within 10 minutes, everything is done.

    After 3 days of trial, so far so good. I cannot believe that I was about to pay $4/month per user for this……LOL

    1. I guess there must be something wrong. I am using their free services and recommended many of my clients and never heard such problem. You should probably consult their support. I am sure they will fix this.

  14. Hi,

    Thanks for this great article. I had a small query. I had been using Microsoft outlook for my domain. So have exiting id’s. When it got discontinued, I switched back to our own server. Not comfortable using it.

    Please guide me, how I can revert back to Outlook for the existing id’s. Coz the MX entry was deleted, so how to re-add it?

    Also, once it’s pointed towards oulook, will I be able to create more id’s on my server(not outlook) and use it too? Like simultaneously outlook existing id’s and new id’s on my server can be used?

    Will appreciate your help.


  15. I have used Rackspace’s mail (aquisition of MailTrust) for years with no complaints. I’ve never had any issues with spam. Nice simple POP/IMAP/SMTP, aliasing, application whitelisting, and a Web frontend. Rackspace also sells M$ Outlook plans as well, but why pay more for that junk?

  16. Check your grammar.

    “They offers good service and elegant dashboard. ” is not a good grammatical sentence.
    Suggested correction to: “They offer good service and an elegant dashboard.”

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