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A good comment have a lot of good effect on any blog. It also create better environment for both blogger and visitors. They easily communicate with each other and develop better understanding. If an healthy comment can boost a blog then a crap comment have potential to ruin a blog. This is why a Comment Policy is essential to every blog.

Besides the Terms of Service, which have legal content may bore everyone while reading. It may also take time to read and understand the terms. Whereas a comment policy have short easy to understand.

Here are the best comment policy for visitors which also apply on this blog. If you have any doubt feel free to contact us by simply filling the contact form.

By commenting, you agree to the following:

  • Keep comments on topic – any comment that appears to be off-topic will be edited or deleted.
  • No keywords in author names – we prefer that you use your personal name or your normal nickname. If we suspect you’re using an author name to simply include targeted keywords, we’ll either edit or delete your comment.
  • External linking – external links are ok, if they are relevant to the original post and your comment. Simply linking to your own site or blog post will be frowned upon.
  • Profanity – we’re PG13 here. Moderate language is allowed, but we reserve the right to edit out anything offensive.
  • Personal attacks – personal attacks on the authors or other commentators will result in an immediate ban and deletion of all existing/approved comments.
  • Editor’s right – While we encourage comments that challenge or offer constructed criticism, we reserve the right to edit or remove any post, for any reason.

We appreciate our readers and thank you for adding to the discussion. We hope the above will help you to add value to Marketing Pilgrim, find value in the comments of others, and continue enjoying the site.

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