How to enable Google+ comments on WordPress (or on any website)

Google+ comments screenshot

On the day before yesterday, Google launched much awaited Google+ comments, something like Facebook comments. It was also very easy to integrate the Google+ comments to any blogspot based blogs. But, people are dying to integrate this feature to other platforms like WordPress.

Here is a trick to enable the Google+ comments system on WordPress blogs (or literally any type of website):

Add Google+ comments to Genesis Framework:

Copy the following code and paste into your child theme’s functions.php:

[gist id=”5428536″][/gist]
The above code will add Google+ comments to your blog just after post comments. If you already have embedded Google+ button or badge, then you are required to include the plusone.js script again.

Just remove the line 12 containing and you are done!

Add Google+ comments to any WordPress site:

If you have a WordPress site which is not based on Genesis Framework. or want to modify the theme file then copy the codes from line 12 to 30 and paste into comments.php. like below:

[gist id=”5428633″][/gist]

code screenshot

It should be noted that this is not official release and you may lose all your comments after the official release. However, the chance of loosing comments is low.

PS: I have removed the plugin link since, it removes all existing comments from the blog.

By Anand Kumar

I am the person behind this site.


  1. Thank you for this. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    One issue I’m having with Google+ Comments on WordPress though is that it has a default minimum height of 600px, leaving a lot of empty space below the post/comment box when there aren’t any comments yet.

    Is there any way to eliminate this? to reduce the minimum default height?

  2. Hey great tip but I wonder if I am doing wrong. I pasted the code on my functions (using Genesis Agency Pro) and doesn’t seem to show up. Currently using back Comment Evolved for it. Any suggestions for this?



  3. Pasted exactly as above in my Genesis child theme; however, nothing appears. Any suggestions?


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