BlogSynthesis is a blog dedicated to blogging tips and internet marketing. Since, WordPress is most popular blogging and internet marketing platform you will no wonder found most of our articles are about WordPress and how it works. This site was found in early 2012 and have only a few posts, apologize for that.

The success of this blog is dedicated to you who likes our stuff.

Behind BlogSynthesis

BlogSynthesis is currently powered by multiple Digital Ocean instances and the domain name is registered using Dreamhost. The site is maintained by Anand Kumar who shamelessly consider himself as a blogger and web developer and started dreaming about writing a novel in Hindi. (How dare you, Anand)

About Anand Kumar

I am a blogger and web developer who is behind this blog you may follow my stuff and activities on various social sites. But if you are interested in my public profile better to look on my Google+ page.

I am sure my blog will help a lot of beginners who have fallen into love with WordPress, Internet Marketing and Cloud Computing stuffs. If you have any trouble..

This is all my fault.

I will do everything to fix this.

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