WordPress jQuery Smooth Scroll Plugin

jQuery Smooth Scroll plugin is for those who wants to make their in-page navigation more attractive and add a return to top button or link all in smooth way. Also the plugin has negligible effect on Page rendering and adds compressed css and js files to get some more point in Google Page Speed score. The plugin also has psd file for button and reader friendly js and CSS to understand the plugin and functionality easily.

Please note: jQuery Smooth Scroll plugin for WordPress will not create a menu link in your WordPress Dashboard. However, I am trying to help you in configuring this plugin. But, before getting into this I would like to thank Cudazi for “Scroll to top” plugin. I used most of the code from this plugin and tweaking for more functionality and released under same GPL v2 licence (Which means you are also free to modify and distribute the plugin)

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  1. This plugin adds jQuery smooth scroll functionality.
  2. Also adds “Scroll to top” button, which appears after scrolling.
  3. All javascript and css are minified for faster page loading and retaining Google Page Speed and Yahoo yslow Score.
  4. Reader friendly JS and CSS files included for easy customization.
  5. .psd file of the button included for customizing button.
  6. No WordPress Dashboard menu added.

FAQs about the plugin:

  • Why I am not able to see any menu option in my WordPress for the “jQuery Smooth Scroll” plugin?
    The plugin will not add any menu option in your dashboard to customize it.
  • How do i customize the plugin?
    The plugin can be easily customised by modifying some simple codes. [Don't forget to keep create backup before customizing plugins]
  • May I add this functionality without any plugin?
    Of course you can, but need some basic knowledge about PHP, Javascript, CSS. For any question your questions by filling the form below (Until we move to WordPress respiratory/forums).

Customization of jQuery Smooth Scroll Plugin:

[Will be added soon] The following questions will be answered first:

  1. How to change scrolling speed?
  2. How to move the “Return to top button” on left-hand side, top-right or top-left?
  3. How to add functionality without a plugin.


For support you may visit WordPress forums: http://www.wpavenue.com/support/