How to make WordPress Print Friendly

Offering print friendly version of blog posts not only gives an extra feature but also helps your user to keep their loved article. By default, no WordPress theme offers such feature. This is due to conflicts with plugin and customizations. There is some 3rd party service which offers good features but that could not be solution […]

How to add Google Analytics to WordPress sites

Google Analytics is a fabulous analytics tool enabled on more than 10 million websites across the globe. Here we will add Google Analytics to WordPress site. Obviously, we will need a Google Account first. Here I will skip this because most of us already have a GMail or Adsense Account or even an account associated […]

Why I moved from Hostgator to DigitalOcean?

HostGator offers pretty good web hosting services as I mentioned in my earlier post. But I have moved from HostGator to Digital Ocean. Here are some reason why I decided to move my blogs! (Actually, this migration was made a few months ago and after successful few months hosting I am writing this post.) High […]

How to write a perfect guest post

A guest post is a proven idea to get recognized and make some valid backlink and sometimes money. But, after Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates, bloggers and webmasters are taking extra precaution while publishing Guest posts. If any guest post smells like generated or cheap marketing call. They hardly approve any such posts. In […]